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Product Detail : Rate contract for various project services at tpsodl, providing manpower for, shifting swgr pan/pwrtrf, upto20t, installation of anti-climbing, device on pole, installation of ht< danger, board, itc od ltdb for 10kvatrf, existing str, itc od ltdb for 16kvatrf, existing str, itc of od ltdb for 500kva, trf existing, itc of od ltdb for 500-1000, kva trf exist, itc lt feeder pillar excl, foundation, stringing & fixing of gi & stay, wire all size, making&fixingofguard lace of, all type of gi wire, stringing of 100 mm conductor, stringing of 55-80 sqmm, conductor, stringing of 148sqmm, conductor, stringing of 232sqmm, conductor, supply & crimping/, fixing/conn termi al4sqmm, lug, supply & crimping, /fixing/conn termi, al10sqmlug, supply & crimping/, fixing/conn termi al25sqmlug, supply & crimping /fixing/conn, termi al630sqmmlug, transport through trailer upto, 70km, transport through trailer per, km beyond 70 km, transport through tractor upto, 40km, transport through tractor per, km beyond 40 km, transport through truck upto, 70km, itc of 11kv out door vcb on, existing str, itc of cr panel feeder on, existing str, itc cr panel transformer, on exist str, itc 33kvisolator includ es in, exist str, itc 33kv isolator w/oearth, switch, dismantling of rsj/ wpb, pole(150x150mm/r, dismantling of 11kv gi pin with, insulato, dismantling of 11kv disc, insulator with, construction of frp fencing, construction of boundary wall, fencing, itc of 11kv id vcb on existing, str, itc of 11kv isolator upto 630-, 1250a with all accessories, dismantling of 250kva dist, trf, dismantling of dist trf, 250kva- 500kva, dismantling of dist trf 500-, 1000kva, dismantling of 34/ 55mm2 aaa, conductor& retu, dismantling of 80/100 mm2, aaa conductor& retu, dismantling of 148/232mm2, aaa conductor& ret, straightening existing, tiltedpole rsj, straightening existing, tiltedpole psc, supply and installation of cable, route marker, prov. backfill. earth with, consolidation, prov. backfill. sand with, consolidation, temporary backfilling with, gunny bags, providing of 15ton farana, service loading & unloading, sup/inst/fabri gi channel/, angle / flat/ etc., supply & installation of f, clamp on psc pole, supply & erection g.i fencing, with gate, supply& inst concrt, slabbaseplate 2ftx2ft psc pole, providing concreting to existing, rsj/wpb pole, providing couping to existing, support, dismantling of lt abc cable, with accesso, civil foundation upto 990kva, pss, sitc 11kv rmu terminal boot, 70 to 400sqm, itc of acsr rabbit pvc, 61.70sqmm insulated, construction of rmu foundation, o/d, painting of new & existing, joist pole/channel, itc of 9-30 kv 10ka , 3phase, lighting arrester, itc of 33kv 3pole 400a ab, switch, itc of 33kv 3pole 200a ab, switch, itc of lt acb 400a, itc of lt acb 800a, itc of lt acb 1250a, itc of lt acb 2000a, installation of ip connector, excavation in rocky soil with, laying hume/pvc pipe, trenchless duct 200mm dia, hdd machine pn4, trenchless duct 200mm dia, hdd machine pn6, sitc treated earthing pit, supply & installation of bird, guard, dismantling of 1.6/3.15 mva, power trf, dismantling of 5/7.5/8 mva, power trf, dismantling of faulty equipmet, like cb, ct, pt isolator, etc., provd/opert manlift, 100ft boom length, removal of rmu upto 33kv, dry type trf inst, services, installation of psc pole , 8mtr, inst of coil earthing to pole, inst f clamp for psc/, rsj/wpb pole, supply & installation of rod,, bending, cutting & binding for, any kind of civil work, centring and shuttering, including struttting , propping, etc.and removal of form for, foundations, footings, bases of, columns etc. for mass concrete, brick work with f.p.s. bricks, 15 mm cement plaster on the, rough side of single or half, brick wall of mix- 16 (1 cement, 6 coarse sand) as per, tpsodl specification. scope, includes supply of all material, supply of 6 inch pvc pipe, heavy duty (schedule -80) for, service cable laying., supply of clamps service mains, supply terminal connectors at, meter end, laying of 2 inch pvc pipe, heavy duty (schedule -80) for, service cable laying., laying of 4 inch pvc pipe, heavy duty (schedule -80) for, service cable laying., laying of 6 inch pvc pipe, heavy duty (schedule -80) for, service cable laying., erection of clamps for service, mains, erection terminal connectors, erection of double pole, structure with h- pole, itc of pg clamp for 148sqmm, aaac/acsr, itc of pg clamp for, 100sqmm aaac/acsr, itc of pg clamp for 232sqmm, aaac/acsr, itc of t clamp for 100-148, sqmm aaac/acsr, itc of t clamp for 232sqmm, aaac/acsr, supply & installation of single, tension hw fitting for 232, itc of 24v,100 ah vrla, batry(12no of 2v, itc of of 24v,80 a, smpsbasedfloatcumboost, itc of 48v,50a smps based, floatcumboost, itc of 48v,15 smps based, floatcumboost, sitc of poly-olyfin black, sleeve, sitc of flat type eye hook 35, mm *6 mm, sitc o/dterminationkit, forcable1cx95sqmm, sitc o/d kit for ab cable, upto 1cx50sqmm, itc of 11kv,xlpe, insultd,3cx
Tender Location : Orissa (Odisha) - India
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Tender EMD : INR 500000
Tender Document Fees : INR 5000
Tender Closing Date : 17/06/2022 at 00:00 Hrs.
Tender Opening Date : 17/06/2022 at 00:00 Hrs.
Sub-Industry/Industry : Power Plant - Power Plant   
Essential Product,Face,Mask,Sanitizers,Gloves etc.
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