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Latest Product of glass scrap Tenders

Sector Textiles Product Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Tamil Nadu Tenders Ref.No 46622667
Closing Date 28 - Dec - 2022  |  132 Days to go View Tender Details
Disposal of unusable steel products, brass, wood, tin products, electrical appliances, glassware and plastics. #Tamil
Sector Education And Research Institute Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Delhi Tenders Ref.No 52193828
Closing Date 05 - Sep - 2022  |  18 Days to go View Tender Details
Disposal of obsolete/unserviceable materials non-metallic, ewaste, e-waste wooden chairs, revolving cushion chair, wooden cushioned chairs, steel glass door almirah with 4 slaves, wooden tables, wooden rack, computer, ups, printer, tft lcd monitor, scanner.
Sector Education And Research Institute Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Delhi Tenders Ref.No 52017044
Closing Date 01 - Sep - 2022  |  14 Days to go View Tender Details
Disposal of obsolete/unserviceable store items, "Kaiser Enlarger NI-VCP9005 6x9 cm (self-making compound Neg carrier and glass and 35 mm additional mask for glass lens colour head with carrier fitter YMCD-180CC lever density, double condenser IR fitter speed two device change layer mount focus knob fitter 12V transformer voltage stabilizer shed component A 4.5/80 Nixon A 281 50mm lens with voltage lamp 100,Kaiser Enlarger wall mounting Kit, Kaiser Focusing Magnifier, Enlarging Easel 10 x 12, Kaiser 20 x 25 cm contact printer,Enlarger Timer Time pack,Pedestal Fan Usha,Table Fan, Paper Processor Automatic dry to wet processing coolant black & white photos up to 30/40 cm,Trimmer 10” x 12”, Timpac Trimmer for enlarger,Masking board (Kodak),Masking board 5”x7”, Masking board 10”x12”,Nikon N65 35mm SLR Auto Focus Camera,Canon Pixma IX 5000 Photo Printer, Canon 8800 film scanner with std. accessories,Magic Wand Portable scanner, Digital Photography Workstation with complete UPS (Dell Computer), Nikon Coolpix L110 Digital Camera,Metro Servo 2KVA Voltage Stabilizer 160-260 Voltage, Elnova 2 KVA online UPS,System with 15-20 minutes backup, Interfit Imported Studio Flash Light- 3 Head Kit (Int-183),Kaiser Imported Paper Trimmer A-3 Size, Heat Convector Usha Lexus,Telephone Inst BeetalTelewin, 1) Elinchrome FX Ri 400,Barn door set, Grid Set Reflector 18/21cm 30° , 20°, 12°,Snoot with Grid, Incident & Reflected Flash Light meter Sekonic 1758DR, SanDisk 4GB CF Memory Card,SanDisk 8GB CF Memory Card,SanDisk 4GB SD Memory Card,Sandisk 8GB SD Memory Card, Nikon GPS Unit GP1 Unit,Nikon MB-D10 Multi Power Battery Pack, Office Chair RSC-408 Regent,Office Chair RSC-409 Regent, Dye Distillation Therma Printer Selphi CP800/810 thermal printer including media and ink cartridge, Digital Printing system EPSON Stylus Pro 9900 Auto Takeup reel, EPSON maintenance tank with consumables, 2KVA Online UPS with 60 minutes backup, Neo Power make, Scissors , Chair (Adjustable lab Chair),
Sector House / Building Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Punjab Tenders Ref.No 52092688
Closing Date 30 - Aug - 2022  |  12 Days to go View Tender Details
Disposal of unserviceable material of poly film pouch scrap, gatta scrap, glass bottle scraps, polythene liner 25 kg smp old, kraft paper bags smp 25kg old, plastic trays old , transport scrap, iron scrap, aluminum can old , aluminum lid scrap, ball bearing assorted size old , electric scraps, gun metal scrap, plastic / polypropylene bottle /rubber scrap, battery assorted size scrap , empty ghee tin ½ ltr, 1 ltr, 2ltr, 5 ltr, wmp tin 1/2 kg, 1 kg , empty ghee tin 15 kg / wmp tin 10 kg , jerry can plastic cap. 50 ltr. / 70 ltr., jerry can plastic cap. 25 ltr. / 35 ltr., plastic bag (empty) , ln2 container (small), ln2 container (big), steel can capacity 40 ltr. scrap, stainless steel scrap, tyre 1000-20 & tubes flaps assorted size, tyre 900-20, 715-16, motor cycle tyre etc.& tubes flaps assorted size, g.i. drum cap. 210 ltr., plastic drum cap. 200 ltr., compressor assorted size, deep freezer/ ice candy, computer spare parts / scrap, newspaper / books scrap, weighing scale, dahi cup/ kheer cup broken, angler grinder machine 4’’,5’’, motor cycle hero honda cd delux (pb02 bc 6348, pb02 bc 6349, pb02 bc 6350, pb02 bh 5105, inverter, visi cooler, moisture balance, sodium analyzer, freeze, stiching machine, autoclave, centrifugal machine with motor, gear box without motor, wet scrubber pump 0.75 hp, chopsa cutter, fire extinguisher , air condtioner.
Sector Safety Equipment\Explosives Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Chhattisgarh Tenders Ref.No 52006453
Closing Date 29 - Aug - 2022  |  11 Days to go View Tender Details
Sale of obsolete and unserviceable items, furniture, office equipment, and other items, particulars of items, chairs (wooden base with cane seat and back), chairs (steel base with cane seat and back), moulded chairs with cushion seat, steel chairs (cushion seat and back) without arm, steel chairs (cushion seat and back) with arm, steel revolving chairs (with cushion seat and back) with arm, steel almirah 16"x30"x40", aqua guard (booster) 391x102.5x307 mm water flow 1 'tr./min. max 5.5 kg, vaccum cleaner (euro clean bullet), wooden table 36"x64"x30", wooden table 36"x64"x30", steel table (without top) 46"x22"x28", steel table (24"x47"x28") with 3 drawer, maharaja deluxe water filter (steel) 2 sand coil filter with 5 l. storage capacity, drum (steel) 31 l storage capacity, drum (steel) 40 l storage capacity, type writer (godrej make), cyclostyle machine (gestetners), copy printer (gestner), photo copies (ricoh) aficio 2022, optima next gen. epbx, care tm micro precessor controlled digital voltage for 0.75 ton ac, stabilizer oe 06 500 va, over head projectors cold liberting tc 250 + screen, sofa with cane seat and back, air cooler body with pump (without fan) 29"x20"x41", voltas split ac model euga024kxxivc27, brief case (vip make), brief case (safari made), paper cutter, letter box, , table lamp, spiral binding cutter mic machine, punch, pedestal fan, khetan make, 220/250 vac 50 hz capacitors ., ceiling fan, asian make 220v/250vac capacitors type sonz 65 watts sweep 1200 mm, ceiling fan, star 200v/250vac 50 hz capacitors type sweep 1400 mm, ceiling fan, sonata make 220/240vac 50 hz capacitors type sweep 1200 mm, ceiling fan, crompton greaves 230 vac, 50 hz, 1 ph capacitors type sweep 1400 mm, ceiling fan, orient 220/240v ac 50 hz 1ph sweep 1200 mm, ceiling fan, orient 220/240vac 50hz 1 ph sweep 1200 mm, overhead projectors 230 vac 50 hz 305 w. projection lamp 24vac 25w halogen eh a17223 actis technologies pvt. , stereo radio recorder rr485 philips make, table fan, open wooden notice board 30"x36"xl", digital epbx system adx400 qc adx1305, mp3/vcd player sansui, mp3v2575, projector kindlemaan, mirror with mounted frame crown make 15"x19", mirror with wooden frame 24-x18", steel almirah decora 34"x18,5-x60", steel almirah gondre (local) 34-x19"72", desert coolers confirming to 153315/74, local make, air coolers 24"x27"4", glass 34"x24", stool 23"x23"25", wooden partition 72"x75"x21', water cooler voltas make cooling capacity 150 ltr/hr., storage capacity 150 l, 230v50hz, conference table, wooden 72-x24"x30", electric voltage correctors uce c series mcb blue bird input 160-260 vac, output 200-240 vac, photocopier r1con (model no. r1conft4615), fax machine panasonic kx-vp152, fax copier machine panasorlic kx-flb756, etc.
Sector Other Metal Products Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Jharkhand Tenders Ref.No 52077170
Closing Date 29 - Aug - 2022  |  11 Days to go View Tender Details
Auction sale of empty pvc jar 35 ltr
Sector Education And Research Institute Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Uttaranchal Tenders Ref.No 51953832
Closing Date 25 - Aug - 2022  |  7 Days to go View Tender Details
Disposal of obsolete/unserviceable/ beyond economical repair items i.e. plant & machineries /others etc in one lot “as is where is” basic , air lift core of lexical, aluminum ladder type, converter, dvd player, battery charger, rose cutter, halmet, calculator, calculator, kabson 1.8 kg lpg cylinder with regulator, multimeter, mike stand, matters coire form, auto label with tripod, cooling fan, falcon hedge shear, grass chipper, forcaps, filter rod stand, hot plate, iron jaali, pastel motor, lioness mild steel, furnace plate, emergency light, pipette rack horizontal, pipette rack vertical, handing device, pedeometer, hedge shear falcon, electronic pointer, hubbard history model, high pt stand, l&t make contractor, illuminated magnifiers, heat pillar, hot plate rectangular, exhaust unit, hasty sprinkler system, hand vacuum filtration, plier, laser torch, wooden slide cobnet, room heater, hair dryer, gas regulator, slide cabinets 1000 slide, slide cabinets 500 slide, strip lighting machine, sealer plastic machine, staple ring machine, sample collector, sample collector, spirit label, table lamp, cell tester, lugs crimping tools, tea square size 1500mm, talwar, toaster, t.v. stand, timer kit, test meter, iron solder, nose plair, battery terminal, stanley knife, stanley aluminium lable, hot air blower, tools bag, test sieves, lock, voltage stabilizer adapter, volt meter, water tank 4 liter, water bottle thermos type, laser pointer, autoclave, automatic point counter, digital machine, ainometer, electromagnetic micro pulverizes, automatic pure shear, air conditning stand, dental engine, dental machine, dental stand, temperature regulator, eltinor 4, veneduyt core drilling machine, enlarger, grading machine, specimen mounting press, spectrophotometer, flame photometer, zeiss universal research microscope, turbid meter, tape recorder, thermal analyzer, grading machine with wheel, digital portable kit, hair dryer, single disc polisher disc, geiger counter with battery, geiger tube stand, incandescenp lamp, solid state ultrasonic cleaner, sample share press, x ray diffract meter with accessories, microprocessor analyzer model 901, microscope (censisco) polarizing, swift polarizing microscope, swift polarizing microscope, petrological microscope, microscope binocular censico, magnetic stirrer, mosak land sat imagery, micro section, micro section making equipment, microfilm reader, pressure gauge, ph meter, power pack double, ore microscope, bunch drill stand, pantograph, grander, quartz (uv), monograph, illuminating desk for mirror, air coordinator 1.5 ton, air coordinator 2.5 ton, air curtain, voltage stabilizer servo 10 kva, argon gas cylinder capacity 6/7 cum, fume chamber, magnetic stirrer, hot plate rectangular tempo, laser printer 6l, printer ml 4600 sumsung & samsung, ups 2kva, ups 3kva, laser printer 1320, generator set, furness electrically heated sl. 64300, room cooler, liquid nitrogen, dig ion ionizers, air abrasive system, compressor jun air, ups 5 kva, voltage stabilizer 4 kva, a.c 1.5 ton splits, fax machine canon b-150, voltage stabilizer 5 kva, air scribe kit, computer zenith, ultrasonic cleaner, distillation apparatus, voltage stabilizer 4 kva, horizontal sander, ups 1kva, ups 1kva, printer hp, straight grinder, sputter coater, cryocan model ba-36, refrigerated f-20, digital multimeter, decanting device model -50, printer deskjet 930, printer hp psc 750 & 5510, water still ministry type, microscope stereo zoom -7, gsn 77 stereo binocular microscope, microfilm, reader, r.o water purifier, photocopier sharp 2030, xerox machine model ar275, vibromill eur, cvt 1 kva, voltage stabilizer 10 kva, voltage stabilizer 6kva, ups 0.5kva, thermocouple acculab, voltage stabilizer for electronic type writer, californium 252, grinding machine, microscope orthoplan, petrothin slide viewer, pressure decomposition meter, p.h meter, rote ring nc scriber 10, water bath, oven 450 x450, orbital sander, laboratory hydraulic press, evocable die for making 33 1mm pellets, scanning electron microscope, vacuum pump, vacuum cleaner, vacuum desiccators heated, temperature regulator unit, digit rate with 3 adaptor, muffle furnace 1200c, flame photo meter, water current meter, resistivity meter with accessories, computer pc at 386, high temperature equipment, h.t.tank, aspick buster, classic fluxy, polarizing light microscope, laptop, srs 3000sequential x-ray spectrometer, rotary n.c. scriber, geodetic survey receivers, geodetic survey receivers, geodetic survey receivers, work station sun ultra, digital seismograph, atomic absorption spectrometer, computer hp brio, solar panel system, air conditioner 7.5 ton, external cd writer, pc zenith intel i v, color monitor, scanner hp, tft, hand held gps, zip external drive, invertors 800va, grab sampler, current velocity meter, total station, mobile nokia, a.o color scanner, qualipower suitable 9400 plus, monitor, radan monitor systems, portable digital seismograph, computer hp, computer co
Sector Other Services Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Haryana Tenders Ref.No 52017068
Closing Date 25 - Aug - 2022  |  7 Days to go View Tender Details
Auction sale of ceramic mugs/ cricket bats, ceramic/ glass mugs, cricket bats for kids.
Sector Other Metal Products Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Gujarat Tenders Ref.No 52026671
Closing Date 25 - Aug - 2022  |  7 Days to go View Tender Details
Auction sale of scrap of e waste materials, 1 disposal of scrap of empty m s barrels cap. 210 ltrs, 2 disposal of scrap of hdpe/pvc carbo 50 ltr capacity, 3 disposal of scrap of aluminium cable, 4 disposal of scrap of copper cables & copper tubes, 5 scrap of elect. conventional chokes, 6 disposal of scrap of glass items, 7 scrap of tube bundle e37203, 8 disposal of scrap of s.s.hoses, 9 disposal of scrap of used pvc / rubber / steam & misc hoses, 10 disposal of scrap of used misc broken carboy & plastic, 11 scrap of empty hdpe barrels cap 210 ltrs, 12 hazardous m.s.light scrap, 13 hazardous m s scrap material, 14 hazardous s s scrap material, 15 disposal of scrap of used battery duly washed with water, 16 disposal of hdpe drum of 25 kg capacity
Sector Other Metal Products Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Delhi Tenders Ref.No 52092870
Closing Date 25 - Aug - 2022  |  7 Days to go View Tender Details
Auction sale of 0 cover outer 700x15 (2610-000005)(2610-000310), as per lot description 1 cover pneu 825x20 (2610-000022), qty.: 12 no 2 cover pneu 1100x20 (2610-000174), qty.: 1 no 3 cover pneu 5.00/5.90x15 lp(car) (2610-000259), qty.: 2 no 4 cover outer 900x13 (2610-000002), qty.: 30 no 5 cover outer 900x13 (2610-000002), qty.: 30 no 6 cover pneu 1100x20 (2610-000026), qty.: 1 no 7 cover outer 1100x20 (2610-000177), qty.: 10 no 8 cover outer 1100x20 (2610-000177), qty.: 13 no 9 cover outer 12.4x28 6ply tractor4x2 m assy (2610-000216), qty.: 2 no 10 hydraulic pump assy (3407-2140-002), qty.: 1 no 11 pressure plate (81-30305-0078), qty.: 2 no 12 injection pump assy (f-7448300), qty.: 3 no 13 glass window rear (2510-007324), qty.: 13 no 14 glass body side left (2510-007335), qty.: 1 no
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